Week 21: Colourful Rocks and Light

Posted by Savannah Barker on February 18, 2018 at 9:18 PM


The Early Learners have been busy with their learning this past week. G brought in some rocks from home that are important to her, and all of the girls were inspired to sketch images of them. In CERES this week the learning focus was on light energy. Not only did the girls experiment with different light sources, but they also created transparency wheels to shine light through. At the end of the week we really loved heading out to the park with the grade 1-2s to create snow structures. I hope that you enjoy taking a look at our favourite moments from the week.


We read "The Colour of Us" this morning and learned about all of the beautiful colours of skin that people can have. She chooses to try to make different shades using red, yellow, white and black.


G brought in her collection of rocks to share with her classmates this morning. She told me that these three were here favourite because they were blue.


N and P play a morning math game with pentominoes, focusing on symmetry. One player chooses a piece to "play" on her side of the board, and then the other player has to find the same piece and place it on the other side of the board so that the two sides are symmetrical. After matching the other player's piece, the player gets to choose her own piece to lay.


A sketches one of the rocks in G's collection. She explains that she wants to make a research book about rocks and is only getting started. 


After sketching a few different coloured rocks, P wants to add a title to her work so everyone easily can see what she has drawn.


This morning in CERES the girls are invited to explore light using a number of different light sources, such as flashlights, laser pointers, and artificial candles, as well as reflective and transparent materials like mirrors, coloured plastic, and magnifying glasses.


G works on finding one of our newest sight words, "can", during this afternoon's literacy centres. 


The girls continue to explore light in CERES today. A experiments with different markers on her transparency wheel to see which ones are transparent and which are more opaque.


After making a number of different designs on her transparency wheel, P shines a light through the "hole" to see how the images project on surfaces around the lab.IMG_1468.JPG

N is very focused while she traces numerals onto our February calendar. She is practicing following the lines very slowly to have the most success printing each number.


A designs a mall floor while at the Math Centre today. She is excited about sharing her work with her classmates and tells everyone that it is a mall for ants.


K is inspired by all of the observational sketches of rocks displayed at the Discovery Centre, and she decides to spend her time sketching each rock one by one. When she is finished, she is proud to share her work with her peers, and even explains that the images with the x's through them were mistakes, but she tried to draw them again and get them right.


N is excited to be at the park this snowy afternoon, and she sets off with many buckets to build a snow structure.


P loves jumping in the snow because even if she falls, it doesn't hurt. 


The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s are having a blast running, jumping, sliding, and tumbling down the hills at the park this afternoon. They sure love playing in the snow!


No afternoon playing in the snow is truly complete without sneaking a little taste on the walk back to school.