Linden's Ad-Hoc Climate Strike Committee Produces How-to Guide for Educators

Posted by Admin on September 20, 2019 at 11:23 AM

As a school that was specifically created to practice feminist pedagogy with a social justice lens, Linden faculty and staff prioritize supporting student voices and the causes they care about. We believe that climate change is an urgent social justice issue that demands greater collaboration among educators so that we can better support student voices demanding action. Linden's Ad-Hoc Climate Strike Committee has been busy producing communications for the upcoming climate strike which are available as a how-to guide for other schools to use. Help us spread the word by sharing the resources and information provided below!

Letter to Educators

Hello fellow educators!

The Linden School is lucky to have a small but mighty group of students with strong political leanings and an interest in the world around them. In response to their discussions about the Global Climate Strike, The Linden School staff are supporting students in planning a day of action on Friday, September 27th. You’re receiving this message because you’re an educator in Toronto and we hope might be able to instigate a similar action in your school. If your school will be closed, or if you are not able to organise this where you teach, please consider sending it along to other schools who may be able to join in.

Every school has different policies and procedures around these things, but here’s what we are doing. We hope you can do the same, or similar!

  • A senior student has volunteered to liaise between teachers and the other student-led initiatives (like FridaysforFuture and StudentsSayNo) by registering the school as participating in the Strike.

  • The school day begins and ends at the same times as usual, but with a modified schedule throughout the day and no regular classes.

  • In the morning, students will join in peer-led or teacher-led education sessions about the climate change and the need for political action to reduce our impact on the environment. They will also have an opportunity to make signs and practice chants.

  • At 10:30AM, students will take the TTC to Queen’s Park, where there is a rally at 11:00AM followed by a march at 12:00PM.

  • Students who dissent, or who do not have parent permission will have supervision and planned activities at school, including a mini research project on different political parties’ platforms and plans related to climate change.

  • Students are expected to bring a picnic lunch (we’re encouraging them to go low-waste) to Queen’s Park which we will eat before returning to school at 2:00PM. 

  • We are offering a range of activities from 2:30PM to dismissal, including watching a film, chalking the sidewalk in the neighbourhood.

What you will probably need to take into account:

  • permission forms for your students (you are welcome to use our intro in the sample communications document)

  • communication with families (you are welcome to start with what we wrote in the sample document - just make sure you change it to reflect your school!)

  • supervision schedules for teachers at school and at Queen’s Park

  • materials for activities like poster-making and for the post-protest activities at school

  • considerations for lunches, snacks and bathroom breaks

  • any accessibility needs for your students (much of Queen’s Park is physically accessible but travel is not always smooth sailing during rallies.)

  • curriculum connections with your courses if you need additional means to convince your leadership

If you have other questions, please visit and You are welcome to email [email protected] for further information!

Yours hopefully,

Amy Stent, Beth Alexander, Coco Lee, and Molly Tucci
The Linden School’s Ad-Hoc Climate Strike Committee