Chilean and Australian queen bees secure crown in Linden’s rooftop hive

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2021 at 10:32 AM

Message from our beekeeper Carolyn Marrelli-Dill: "Here is a little sneak peak into your Queen Spotting inspection! I found both your queens and created more space for them to thrive!"

With the weather warming up and flowers starting to bloom, the Linden Rooftop was in prime condition to welcome another beehive to the community. Alvéole’s Beekeeper Caroyln Marrelli-Dill stopped by The Linden School to get the new hive prepared for their new environment. 

“In the first few hours you might see a lot of activity around the hive,” she explained to Grade 6 Teacher Savannah Barker. “What you’re seeing is the worker bees’ orientation flights. They are taking in the landmarks of their new home before they fly off into the neighbourhood in search of flowers full of nectar and pollen.” 

By the time the bees wake up the next day, they will have developed their own flight paths all around the Linden School area. A varying total of 28,000 km are travelled each day by all of the 15,000 Linden Bees. With two new Queen Bees in place, one from Chile and the other from Australia, the busy bees are already settled into their all-work/no-play routine to make sure they’re able to make enough honey for everyone who wants some. 

Throughout the summer, Linden’s Bees will buzz around collecting nectar from all of the beautiful flowers in our neighbourhood. As weeks go by, the busy workers will transform the nectar into sweet honey. By the time fall arrives, our bees will have collected enough honey for all of us to enjoy!

If you would like to keep up with the hive, please visit our Alvéole page to see frequent updates on our bees’ progress throughout the summer. 

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