Cherry Blossoms at High Park

Posted by Admin on May 07, 2017 at 9:59 PM


By Savannah Barker, Linden Teacher

This term the Early Learners have been diving into the world of plants; learning about how plants grow, their importance in our world, and how we can better take care of them. After learning that one of their favourite types of plants is the cherry blossom, I knew that we had to take a field trip to see them in full bloom. Riding on the TTC was a thrill for the girls, and there were even signs pointing us to the cherry blossoms when we got off at High Park station. The girls brought along magnifying glasses, sketchbooks with pencils, chalk pastels and Sharpies, and snacks. They spent the bulk of our time in High Park sketching the beautiful blooms up close, as well as taking in the landscape of trees from farther back. I have never seen them so mesmerized by nature. We finished the trip with a free-play on the playground, and took a sleepy subway ride back to school. It was a wonderful day spent appreciating the beauty of the natural world around us.