Celebration to Greet the Summer 2022


Linden's traditional Celebration to Greet the Summer took place in person and was also livestreamed on June 16, 2022. Watch the event replay below. You'll see award presentations, musical performances, Grade 8 and Grade 12 graduation ceremonies, and beautiful reflections from our 2022 graduates, including the following words to their teachers: 


"Teachers… you have always all been there for me. Even those who haven’t taught me — your simple hellos, little waves, and smiles have meant so much. Linden has made an impact on my life that I’ll never forget." — Ady


"The Linden school community is something I value deeply — a community that's forged from the relationships between students, teachers, and staff. I am so grateful to everyone for their support and dedication to one another. You are part of a wonderful community with so many wonderful ways to get involved." —Kailah


"Deanna, you never let my challenges in the past define my current self. When you were my teacher and even when you weren’t you were always there to support me. Because of your impact in Grade 10, I was able to start Grade 11 on such a positive footing, which positively affected my outlook on school as a whole." —Maya


"In my four years at Linden I have learned that it is vital to acknowledge the dreams of those who have come before me and I am… thankful to Linden because it has taught me that dreams are not only a possibility, but a reality — with some effort of course, and that life is not as two-dimensional as I once believed." —Monica


"To my teachers — you reignited my love for learning and that is something I thought I’d lost. These past years have not been kind in some areas. But we got through it together." —Roene 


"My time at Linden has kept me grounded during a time of uncertainty. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. The past two years are not what we planned, but we are here… we did not have the experience we wanted. We have the essential things, our teachers who supported us when the world turned upside down." —Sylvie