Week 23: Celebrating 100 Days

Posted by Savannah Barker on February 27, 2018 at 1:37 PM


The Early Learners were eager to get back into the classroom this week after the Family Day weekend. The girls were thrilled to welcome Sarah (our student teacher) back for the week, and they couldn't wait to show her how much they had grown since December. All week the girls were buzzing with excitement about the upcoming 100th day of school, as well as Ellen's birthday. To top it off, Soteira shared some exciting news with the Early Learners and Grade 1-2s, which you can read about below. Looking at the photos from the week, I am shocked how much we squeezed into this short school week. Enjoy!


P and G work together at the Light Table to create a city filled with stunning homes. The girls explain that the people live inside the homes, and the homes are decorated with special jewels. It takes a lot of patience and focus to squeeze materials underneath the containers, especially when the materials like to slip out of the sides. 


A and G are in awe of the robot in front of them, which was designed and coded by students in grade 8. The robot was designed to function as a cat toy, and it has photosensors in its "eyes". One at a time, the girls call it over to them by putting their hand in front of the robot's "eyes". 


The girls learn about programming in CERES, and they watch as Beth changes the robot's code. This time, the robot's photosensors are not turned on, but it has instead been programmed to move forward and backward at a constant speed.


G and A take a break from their creating at the Math Centre to read some books that they "borrowed" from the "library". P is learning in the Drama Centre, and she is pretending to be a librarian, so invites her friends to the library to take books out. 


The bright jackets, boots and umbrellas brighten up this rainy recess. Together, G, A, P and K connect their umbrellas to make a jumbo umbrella.


A practices writing some sight words on the Buddha Board during Literacy Centres. Despite the drippy effect, she seems to be learning the letters in each word that she rights. 


P challenges herself to put the letters in alphabetical order. She finds it helpful not only to use the alphabet in front of her, but also to sing the ABC song to see which letter should come next. P is so proud when she gets all of the letters in order.


A and N play the Hexagon Card Game together during our morning math time. The two girls do really well taking turns picking up cards, laying down shapes, and helping each other figure out the best spot to lay each piece.


G and P celebrate filling in all of the hexagons on their game board. Just like the other pair, these two girls worked cooperatively to fill in the hexagons and problem-solved together if the pieces didn't seem to fit. 


P takes a close look at Soteira's ultrasound after finding out that Soteira is having a baby.


A adds 10 M&Ms to Ellen's birthday cake. After each of the 10 girls at school today adds her candies, there will be 100 in total.


G adds 10 strips with 10 stickers on each to her 100th day crown. After completing all of the decorations, she practices her skip counting by 10s. 


M, N, K and P hide out under the table to surprise Ellen. Ellen had no idea where the girls were, they were all so quiet in their hiding spots. 


Happy 100th day birthday Ellen!


K acts out a feeling during our drama class with the grade 1-2s. Some of the guesses around the room were angry, frustrated, and mad.


K, P and M finish up our 100th day poster before the end of the day.


G and M work on adding 100 beads to their bracelets and necklaces. G added some of the names of her family members' names to her beadwork.