Barbara Hall Inspires Students at Careers Day

Posted by Admin on December 10, 2019 at 11:47 PM

By Viviane Kirby, Linden Alumna and Administrative/Communications Assistant

Deanna Harris and the Grade 10 Careers class followed up the student vote with organizing a successful Careers Day. The highlight for many students was the keynote speaker, former mayor of Toronto and human rights activist Barbara Hall. Her presentation covered key points in her life, whether directly related to her career or strong influences she identified later. One of her themes, which many of the other speakers echoed in their presentations, was that a career is not one job but rather a collection of jobs and experiences.

Here are some reflections from our students:

KK: "It was good to see the speakers referring to what they do as careers and how it meant that they were so passionate about what they were doing and so openly advocating for what they do."

CG: "...a career is basically a series of jobs you have as opposed to the one you have right now. Your progression through your company or profession, it all kind of exists in your career, and I didn’t really realize that."

Students from the Grade 10 Careers class greeted and introduced speakers, practising conducting themselves professionally and making guests feel comfortable.

CG: "I feel like I know how to professionally meet someone better than I did before… It was a useful experience to have, I think I’m going to be more confident meeting someone where I have to be professional the next time."

Students from Grade 6 to 12 attended the keynote presentation and then a series of smaller presentations by community members. Speakers came from a wide variety of backgrounds, including a diplomat and a professional doodler. Many spoke about the indirect paths their careers have taken, and how all of their experiences have shaped their lives.

RK: "My one takeaway is your career is really fluid... nothing is set in stone. Your skills in one job can transfer really well to another job, and what you have done doesn’t define what you will do."

Barbara Hall responding to student questions. 

Political and Economic Officer Brett Hernandez from the U.S. Consulate in Toronto speaks with our students.

Caroline Sand talks about the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. 

David Moscovitch, a clinical psychologist, talks to students about a day at his job.

Linden parent Eksa Kilfoyle talks about the misconceptions around working in accounting.

Eric Yorath talks about interior design.

Learning about working in communications with Jozef Agtarap, as well as his winding path into the field.