Back to school enthusiasm energizes faculty and students alike!

Posted by Admin on October 11, 2020 at 10:01 PM

Getting ready for the fall term!

Linden faculty and students have gone full-steam ahead with our fall learning program while maintaining health and safety protocols. Our program continues to place emphasis on academic excellence while nurturing social skills and fostering health and fitness. Here is a sampling of what's been keeping us busy this fall, including our innovative outdoor education program!

Linden Faculty scouting outdoor learning opportunities during PD week in August. 

Early learners and junior school students learning about communication in a mask-wearing environment, enhancing their relationship-building skills, health education, while addressing the importance of mental health.

A student adding her ideas to our collaborative posters to help us understand what she needs from herself, her peers and her teachers to learn best. Post-it notes are a great tool for collaboration and idea generation without crowding!

Outdoor Education

Grade 8 students testing their water wheel devices in an excellent location.

Successful egg drop experiments in an outdoor setting.


Our youngest engineers designed and built "situpons" to use in outdoor learning, then tested them on a variety of surfaces.

Linden students reflecting on the misuse of power in Canada’s Residential Schools.

Rooftop math! Linden students working with input and output to develop algebraic thinking skills.

A Grade 6 student shares her excitement (and smile) about finally finding information that helps her answer her research question! 

Afternoon learning time includes journaling outdoors.

Students love afternoon drama class in the park! These short skits were based on the starting line, “I’ll tell you the whole story.”

Students Leading All-School Events

Our Grade 5 student facilitators organized and led an impactful Orange Shirt Day school-wide virtual event.

STEAM Projects


Learning how to use logic gates in Grade 9 technology class.

Grade 8 student experimenting with pneumatic systems by inventing simple force-transferring devices.

A student shows off her "10-minute invention."


Linden's Phys Ed student-athletes building their physical skills. 

Grade 11 students enjoying playing singles Table Tennis.

Early Learners learning to catch using a big blue balloon on a sunny fall day!


Kandinsky-inspired art by our Early Learners captures the fall trees while maintaining each student's unique vision and artistic style.

A student drew this incredibly detailed picture of another student — a beautiful surprise!