Week Nineteen: A Splash of Colour

Posted by Admin on January 31, 2017 at 4:46 PM


This past week was another exciting one, especially with a few different science experiments on the horizon! The girls also spent time exploring water in other ways in learning centres around the classroom. Despite it being a very grey week (and month), our classroom is constantly filled with beautiful colours throughout the day to brighten up our learning. I hope you enjoy the snapshot of the week.


G and M work together at the Art Centre to create beautiful multimedia artwork. Starting with only black paper, chalk, and chalk pastels, the girls have created rainbows surrounded by beautiful jewels.


S and Z enjoy further exploring the question "will it float or sink?" in the Nature Centre. After testing out so many different materials last week, they retry a number of them, but also find other materials in our space that they want to experiment with. Both girls use paper and clipboards to keep track of their new findings.


M and S observe the cup in front of them that has just been taken out of the freezer. They tell us that they notice that the water has turned to ice, and it is actually taller than the line we drew on the cup before putting it into the freezer. Wow!


G is working at her restaurant, and is busy on the phone with customers placing orders. She has created a menu to let people know that she is selling hamburgers, pancakes, french fries, and milkshakes. 


The girls work on snowflake backgrounds in Art class.


G and Z are hard at work painting water colours overtop of pastel snowflakes.


Z is on a measurement hunt around the classroom, using her "foot" as a nonstandard unit to measure with. She is searching for objects that are smaller than, larger than, or the same size as her foot.


G has created this beautifully-coloured abstract design on the light table. 



The early learners munch on apples for snack while their Grade 6 Reading Buddies read with/to them. This continues to be one of our favourite times of the week.


G slowly drops blue food colouring mixed with water into the different greens she has created. She loves watching the colour dissipate into the existing liquid, and notices that the colour of the water slowly changes too.


G is also experimenting with mixing colours using water as our medium. She started with one part filled with red, one with yellow, and one with blue. Until now, we didn't realize how many different shades of green/blue there were.


Using the coloured water as her pallet, G drops colourful drops onto watercolour paper with the different pipettes. She experiments with small drops, big drops that eventually roll off of the page, mixing colours by dropping one on top of the other, and even blowing the water drops to create new designs.


S is on her measurement hunt, and has no problem finding different objects to compare to her foot. She confidently announces that the ruler is definitely longer than her foot. 


G watches as M paints her paper using the pallet of colourful water. M wants a sky, so she tries to blend the water drops together using her pipette (which turns out to be more challenging than planned).


Z is very focused as she works through a new activity in the Communication Centre. She is trying to figure out which sound is missing from the words on the page, and uses the pictures to help herself out.


M is experimenting with different materials to determine whether they float or sink. She notices that the wooden materials all seem to float, and tells me that this is something that she learned in Curious George, which is why boats are often made out of wood. Maho sees the piece of wood that we brought back from the ravine in the fall and asks if she can try it out, hypothesizing that because it is also wood, it should also float. She is right (and so proud of this new learning)!


The girls take notes about our new science experiment, writing their hypotheses for "which puddle will dry up first?". They use both words and pictures to document their thinking.


G shares an object that is smaller than her foot with me. 


G measures the different materials against her real foot. Although she comments that both the cubes and dominoes are smaller than her foot, she finds a way to line them up so they become the same length as her foot. 


M has created a stunning "Rainbow City" on the Light Table. She happily pointed out that she included some patterns, and also strategically placed the cups and circles so that they wouldn't fall off the tops. The container with the purple jewels is a food sources for the whole city to share to make sure that everyone has enough food to eat. 


Z and G share their colourful numbers with M and Z. M has come up with a question to ask them and has written it down to remember it.


The early learners together with the Grade 7 girls on an end-of-week ravine walk.