Annual Art Show: Artwork for Sale!

Posted by Admin on May 03, 2017 at 8:31 AM

Silent Auction on May 4, 5-7 PM: 
Bid on unique and collaborative works of art created by Linden students! 


By Early Learners: Sunset Forest with little instruction. Early Learners were encouraged to experiment with colour mixing and adding solid areas of their mixed pigment to the canvas. To finalize their design, students traced over a projected image of tree branches in white paint. By Ziyal, Soleil, Maho, Gemma, Grace, and Kelsea.


By Grades 3–5: Andy Soup Cans. Taking inspiration from their Pop Art unit and Andy Warhol, students in Grades 3–5 designed silly soup names and used "fancy colouring book colouring" to add value in their designs. By Zahara, Zakiyah, Matilda, Skyla, Tessa, Anisa, Zayin, Maddy, Ellie, Ruhi, Maya, Serena, Siena, Jade, Sofia, Polly, Kiera, Clara, Emily, Isobel, and Meredith.


By Grade 6: Love Yourself Collage. As the final collage in our mixed media unit, the Grade 6’s wanted to send a positive image out to the world: to love yourself! Students found positive words, photos and messages and incorporated their thoughts and feelings into the design. By Kaleda, Criona, Hannah, Mia, Fei, Alice, Oliva, Alison, Addy, Nadia, Lotus, Chloe, and Thea.


By Grade 7–8: Cubism Collage. Students combined extra rough sketches from our charcoal drawing unit to create a unique composition. After gluing down the various drawings, students painted in certain areas and enhanced angles using acrylic paint and keeping to a grayscale colour palette. By Gabby, Intezar, Evy, Amina, Serena, Tina, Lilah, Anna, Karina, Lucia, Emma, Sophie, Julia, Bea, Lily, Liv, and Juliana.


By Grade 9–10: Collaborative Van Gogh. Using Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” as inspiration, students mapped the image onto 12 smaller canvases. Each student was in charge of painting their canvas in reference to a particular style of art. By Lili, Rachel, Halley, Hadleigh, Mieko, Daragh, Ellen, Sophie, and Lia.


 By Grade 11–12: Fluid Paintings. Students ventured into the world of abstract art and explored a new style of painting without brushes. Diluting acrylic paint they layered colours on top of one another until they had a very large puddle of paint. Next is the fun part: after lifting the canvas, students tilted and turned the canvas to allow the paint to make unique designs. By Charlotte, Hailey, Morgan, Sabrije, Sophie, and Liana.