An Update from the Hive: A Queen is Appointed

Posted by Admin on May 11, 2021 at 1:09 PM

Beekeeper Carolyn calms the hive.

On Wednesday, April 14 The Linden School’s rooftop beehive was due for a Spring inspection. With all of the required P.P.E. and Bee. P.E, Beekeeper Carolyn carefully peered into the lives of Linden’s teeniest residents to give a thorough report.

With all 3,000 bees calmed by a harmless fog that Carolyn sprayed into the hive, she was able to see that there is already an accumulation of particles that will soon develop into Linden’s honey. The bees have started branching out in search of blooming flowers and tree buds to sustain their workload, travelling up to 2.5 km to do so. As the colder weather slows down the start of pollination, the bees will continue to feed off a healthy alternative substance that was carefully prepared by Beekeeper Carolyn.

A closer look at the bees.

“In a few weeks time, I’ll be back to separate the colony,” explains Carolyn, an Urban Beekeeper for Alvéole. “For now I’m going to try to see if they’ve secured a Queen.”

At the mere mention of Her Majesty, a swarm of buzzers brushed up to the net of Carolyn’s beekeeping hat to protect their ruler from any harm. With this, it was confirmed that the rearing process is complete and our hive now has a healthy Queen.

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