An Inspired Lego Classroom!

Posted by Admin on May 07, 2020 at 3:59 PM

By Tonja Armstrong-MacInnis, Early Learning Teacher

Student I, one of our JK students, is an avid builder. She loves to build with materials large and small. Currently, she is making a larger-than-life robot that she has big plans for — she wants it to move, play with her in a multitude of ways, and engage in conversations!

After watching the above stop-motion animation of Justin Trudeau's message to children about COVID-19 with her classmates, I imagined that many of my students' minds were already racing ahead, brimming with ideas about what they could build next. This thought came to fruition as Student I was inspired to build a delightful reconstruction of the Early Learner classroom, complete with intricate details.

"It's definitely the classroom. I added our tree branch, cameras, and a dress-up place. It has Tonja's computer, a sink and our water bottles," Student I explained to her mother. Since relationships are so important to girls, Student I also included her classmates. During this time of social isolation, Student I's creation provided her with an opportunity to express herself and play with her classmates in ways that she wanted to and surely missed.

"It is kind of like my friends look a little different than they usually do. I look as good as I usually do. I added flying wings for the door. I like to make my friends do adventures with me," she told us while sharing the LEGO classroom during our Friday "show and share" meeting on Zoom.

What a great way to use one's imagination, have a bit of control over these uncertain times, and express creativity! It certainly brought a smile to our faces, warmed our hearts, and reminded us that we are part of a community of learners. Brava Student I!

Photo credit: Student I's mother.