Week Thirty-One: 3D Figures and Cherry Blossom Trees

Posted by Savannah Barker on May 26, 2019 at 9:10 PM


The Early Learners had a fantastic week in at school. The girls were using plasticine to learn about 3D figures, worked together to nail together a trellis for the living window, and spent time creating some props for our upcoming Junior Drama Night (on Thursday May 30th). We ended our short week with a field trip to High Park to see the cherry blossom trees. I hope that the photos show how much fun we had together this week.


N sets up an "everything shop" at the Drama centre. She is selling fruit, and charging me $25 for my purchase.


A realizes how easy it is to make a sphere using plasticine. The table makes a great, solid surface for rolling it out. 


A teaches her peers about the different 3D figures she learned about at the Math centre today. 


The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s work together to design a "papillon" for our Junior Drama Night show. Before getting started, the girls discussed how they want the butterfly design to be symmetrical, and then made a plan for who will be in charge of which areas.


O is very focused as she hammers a nail into the trellis. She is holding the hammer with two hands, keeping her face away from the back of the hammer, and trying her best to hammer straight up and down.


N checks to be sure that the nail is going in straight before continuing to hammer it all of the way in.


Look at the finished trellis that we built together. I think we have a business venture ahead of us.


A has created a model of our weekly "Greetings" time. Greetings is a time where we gather as a whole school in the gym to hear important announcements. 


A was inspired by the 3D figures and combined a few different ones into a snowperson. She explains that it has three big spheres for the body, two spheres for the eyes, and then a small cone for the hat and a larger cone for the nose.


As always, reading buddies with the Grade 6 students is one of our favourite times of the week. It is an opportunity to reread our favourite stories, show our buddies how our reading is growing, and spend quality time together.


N is practicing writing independently during Work on Writing time this afternoon. 


 O adds some bright stickers to the Obliteration Room.


A practices writing her weekly words on the practice board instead of in her notebook. The spelling patterns she is focused on this week are /br/, /bl/, /gr/, and /gl/.


The Early Learners use some free time this morning to do a bit of research in the Earth books. They want to make notes so they can add the information to our collaborative Wonder Wall so that everyone can learn about what is interesting to them.


A is excited to share the two small cylinders that she has moulded out of plasticine.


We made it to High Park station and are ready to see the cherry blossom trees. Off we go on our big walk!


AB and AK pay close attention to their sketches of the cherry blossom trees. The girls discuss how the trees don't just look like "any old tree", but have tons of little flowers on their branches. They find it important to add these details after first sketching out the overall tree shape.


O mixes together white and red chalk pastels to make the perfect cherry-blossom-pink.