Linden Alumnae Light Up Career Day: Careers in Marine Biology, Technology and Medical Research

Posted by Admin on August 19, 2022 at 12:45 PM

Each year, as part of their Civics and Careers course, Linden’s Grade 10 students plan and present Career Day. Typically they call on parents and Linden community members to speak about fields of work in which the students have expressed interest. This year, we tried something different: we put a call out to Linden’s alumnae. It was answered by graduates in fields ranging from business to mining to marine biology to fine art gallery management. Alumnae zoomed in from as far away as Nunuvut, Nova Scotia, and Paris! Some had years of experience while others were just starting out in their fields.

We invite you to watch the sessions to learn more about the pursuits and accomplishments of Linden alumnae, and to see the work of the capable student facilitators. 

Many thanks to all who participated!

Careers in Marine Biology, Technology and Medical Research

In our first of five sessions you’ll hear from:

  • Marine biologist Annabel Westell (2011) who studies whales using the sounds they make;
  • PhD candidate Christina Doherty (2015) who hopes that her research will help prevent disability. She is studying the use of a novel form of gene therapy to combat muscle damage as a result of nerve injury;
  • Mieko Yao (2020), an undergrad in Global Health, who hopes to pursue a career that combines her passions for health research and computer science.