2017 Holocaust Education Week at Linden

Posted by Admin on November 20, 2017 at 1:50 PM


Principal Janice Gladstone and Linden teacher Tulay Yalcin with guest speakers Joyce Rifkind and Andy Reti.

By Tulay Yalcin, Linden Teacher

"I cannot overemphasize the importance of Holocaust Education Week and the opportunity for students to meet people who lived through and witnessed the holocaust.  Very soon it will no longer be possible to speak with living witnesses. The learning young people do by meeting these people will last a lifetime. Remembering that unthinkable brutality is one way to inspire peacemaking.  We can’t let our guard down against genocide." 

— Janice Gladstone, Principal

As part of the Holocaust Education Week (November 2–9, 2017), Linden was honoured to host Andy Reti. Andy shared his family story of survival and resilience during the Holocaust. Andy presented the topic in an engaging way by interacting with the students. He connected his ideas to being an upstander versus a bystander when we see injustice. The workshop promoted respect for human rights by teaching students about the consequences of hatred in recent history both at home and abroad. 

Students were able to reflect on the lessons learned from the Holocaust and other atrocities in recent history. They were also provided with real-world examples and strategies on how to promote respect and tolerance in their own lives. Each student also received a signed copy of Andy's book Stronger Together.

This workshop is designed to complement the Ontario curriculum in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s expectations. Linden plans to continue its partnership with the Holocaust Education Centre by offering more awareness-raising workshops in future.