Week 29: April 16–20, 2018

Posted by on April 25, 2018 at 2:57 PM


We enjoyed a real spectrum of April weather this week! Early in the week, students found many creative ways to play with snow and ice on the roof. They also got creative in art class as they formed different postures for a life drawing exercise. As part of their music program, the Grade 1-2s and the Early Learners took a trip on Wednesday to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The conductor and composer introduced us to a curious and creative ferret named Ari who helped familiarize the girls to the different instrument sections of the orchestra. They practiced their skills as conductors, sang along with a special piece, and let their imaginations help create the movement of Ari across the stage. Then we wrapped up the day with outdoor play at Grange Park. In CERES class, students used different materials to create strong structures. Science classes continued to focus on learning about life cycles. The students identified lots of insightful similarities and differences between different life cycles including the fact that they all repeat, that they have different lengths, and that the number of stages they include varies. On Thursday and Friday, we celebrated Earth Day by doing some planting on the roof, enjoying a ravine walk with the Grade 4-5s, and hearing different environment-focused Indigenous stories during a visit from Ryan and Doug, our Indigenous educators. We are looking forward to the opening of our rooftop bee hive next week!



K, M, and M play Pop, a sight word identification game. The box is filled with pieces of popcorn with sight words written on the back and if you read them correctly, you get to keep them for points. The girls were all trying to avoid pulling out the "POP!" pieces because that would mean they had to put all their pieces back in the box.



The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners each take a turn striking a pose in the art room during a life drawing exercise. It is certainly challenging to hold a pose for the necessary length of time!



M and S work with K and P to chip away pieces of ice and frozen snow in order to build a collection of "seeds". These kids seem like they are ready for spring!



S and M marvel at the size of the ice plates that they find frozen on the edges of the roof. 



M uses different materials to make a "flower garden" structure in CERES class. Here, she is making flowers for the garden.



S builds the structure for her flower garden. She explains that the triangle is the back wall of the garden and that the front is open to let things pass through it.



Grade 1-2s and Early Learners work on finalizing their structures in CERES class.



The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners are full of anticipation as they wait for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra performance to start. For many girls, this is their first trip to the symphony.



The symphony conductor helped the girls learn how to conduct an orchestra and then they all practiced their technique together as the orchestra played. G was a very animated conductor!



After the symphony, we walked to one of our favourite Toronto parks -- Grange Park -- for some outdoor play.



A invites K to work with her on a puzzle that she brought in from home. They are very excited when they are able to successfully complete it together.



K and G help brainstorm similarities and differences between the life cycles of different living things during our science class. 



During our Earth Day celebrations, M and G work together to plant different vegetables and flowers in recycled containers to help create a rooftop garden. 



In drama class, The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners warm up by moving their bodies around the room according to different improv prompts. A ballet-focused improv prompt is always popular with our actors.



A muddy ravine does nothing to hold S and K back from enjoying all types of terrain during our Earth Day ravine walk.



K applies her life cycles learning as she identifies how flowers in the ravine are "sprouting". She checks to see if they are putting off a floral scent yet.