Week 37: June 11–15, 2018

Posted by on June 22, 2018 at 3:54 PM


During our last full week of school, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and brought our learning outdoors as much as possible. On Monday, Ryan joined us to share some teachings around sweetgrass. He brought a very special braid that someone had brought him from Manitoba and the Grade 1-2s got the chance to see how the drying grass changes colours but retains its strength. On Tuesday, we did some writing about what the students would include in their platforms if they were running for Premier of Ontario. Many of the students were digesting the results of the election last week and the writing exercise gave them a chance to envision changes they would like to see in their communities. Tuesday also involved some collaborative circuitry work in CERES class. Did you know that playdough is a conductor? We also enjoyed making cheesy garlic bread in our final Cooking Club session of the year. Throughout the week, the Grade 1-2s practiced their land acknowledgment for next week's Celebration to Greet the Summer. They practiced speaking from their bellies to project their voices in the large theatre. Our rooftop planters are brimming with happy vegetables and flowers, thanks to the tender loving care of our Grade 1-2 students. On Thursday, we joined the Linden community at David Balfour Park for a staff versus students softball game. There was a lot of enthusiastic cheering as well as some flower crown construction. Jean, our Director of Admissions, also returned to our class that afternoon with some more bird wing specimens to share with the students. We even played a game of Bird Bingo with her! Friday was a day filled with celebrations. We said goodbye to our classroom volunteer, Sarah, who is also a Linden alumna, and the students also put together a surprise baby shower for Soteira. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of a wonderful year with our families and community at Celebration to Greet the Summer next week!



Z examines how strong and flexible the sweetgrass braid is.



M writes about how, as Premier, she would keep the health curriculum the same and ilsten to her constituents. 



M has a lot of great ideas for how to improve provincial services if she were Premier but doesn't want the job because she "knows how it would feel like if (she) had lots of homework".



The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners work together to complete a circuit out of playdough.



K grates cheese in our last Cooking Club session of the year. She is very excited for the bread to come out of the oven and ensures that no one takes any cheese until the loaf is assembled.



The Grade 1-2s practice their land acknowledgment for Celebration to Greet the Summer.



K does some wiring with A in the CERES lab.



Building circuits is a lot of fun!



S and N test out whether their circuit makes the motor run properly.



M enthusiastically displays her motor in action!



G works hard on a skip counting math assessment. 



S is happy to show how much her rooftop plants have grown.



M has been keeping close tabs on her sunflowers each day when we go up to recess.



The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners join the Grade 6s in cheering on the students and teachers at the softball game. 



K models the flower crown that a friend made for her.



G works on making her own flower crown. It takes a lot of patience!



The Grade 1-2s study their bingo cards as Jean pulls medallions that display different species of birds from a bag. They are all hoping for a line!



Sarah loves seeing how all the girls signed their names in the front of the book that she was gifted.



Sarah reads from her gifted book, The Day The Crayons Came Home



The Grade 1-2s work together in drama class to form a garden tableaux. 



On Friday, we enjoyed our last ravine walk of the year with the Early Learners.



M decorates a onesie for Soteira's baby with a beautiful message: "You can be anything!"



Soteira is happy to be surrounded by such proud party planners!