Week 38: June 18–21, 2018

Posted by on June 25, 2018 at 9:18 PM


What a wonderful end to the school year! This week was full of celebrations. On Monday, we welcomed our families into the classroom to present our portfolios and showcase all the important learning we did together over the course of the year. Then we enjoyed a picnic and some park time together after. On Tuesday, we received our yearbooks and got the chance to write messages for one another in them. Then, on Wednesday, we said goodbye to our rooftop bees for the summer during our last beekeeper visit before heading down to the waterfront for a cruise on the Tall Ship Kajama. Students helped hoist the sails before enjoying a buffet lunch and dance party on the boat. Finally, on Thursday evening, we gathered at the Young People's Theatre for our annual Celebration to Greet the Summer where the Grade 1-2s delivered the land acknowledgment and performed a personalized version of "ABC" by The Jackson 5. Thank you to all of the Grade 1-2 students and their families for a terrific year! Have a wonderful summer!



G is very proud to show Nancy some of her favourite pages in her portfolio.



K shows her mom and P the Week Without Walls pages in her portfolio. She is so excited to flip through the pages that her mom barely gets a chance to read what's on them!



S and her mom go through her portfolio page by page. She is proud of all the work she did this year.



M is so glad that her mom was able to make it to Portfolio Day. She explains the experiment they did in CERES that is highlighted in her portfolio.



The only thing better than some reading time? Reading in the shade on a hot sunny day. K enjoys reading a favourite book with K, G, and A at the park.



Silk reads to M, S, and K during Portfolio Day at the park.



S and M are very proud to show the caterpillars they found in the park. M remarks on how active hers is and thinks that it must be because it is so far along in its life cycle.



M, K, and G work together to transplant their plants from the rooftop planters so that they can bring them home to care for them through the summer.



Planning ahead is tricky in Blokus but these girls are getting very good at the game.



M and Z are excited to harvest mulberries from the bush outside of school as they wait to be picked up at the end of the day.



Our yearbooks arrived! S pens a lovely note to P in her autographs section.



Z collects signatures and messages in her yearbook as well.



G and A look on as our beekeeper uses the smoker to calm the bees. This is our last beekeeper visit that the students will get a chance to participate in until they return in the fall.



After multiple requests, the beekeeper brings over a frame to show off the queen. 



M shows us just how excited she is for our boat cruise as she rides the subway with S, N, and A.



All aboard! The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners pose for a group photo before the Tall Ship Kajama sets sail in the Toronto Harbour.



M and Z join the ship's crew in hoisting the sails. 



It takes a strong team to get those sails up! They are very heavy.



M, K, and M show us what a timeless classic this Spice Girls tune is as they dance up a storm on the deck of the ship.



G shows off her flexibility on the boat too. 



The buffet lunch is a big hit with our students, especially the caesar salad, which many of the girls go back for seconds of!



The whole Linden crew poses for a photo together on the Tall Ship Kajama during our Year-End Community Day.


The Grade 1-2s prepared and delivered the land acknowledgment at the annual Celebration to Greet the Summer. We ended up without microphones on stage but the girls were unphased and proud of how they could project their voices in the large theatre.



M took her rehearsing very seriously and confidently delivers her lines on stage.



M wasn't able to be with us at Festival of Lights so this is her first time doing the land acknowledgment at a Linden event.



G loves that one of her lines refers to the Mississauga people because she has family connections in Mississauga.


Check out this video of the Grade 1-2s and Early Learners performing their personalized version of "ABC" by The Jackson 5.



K and M learned a little sign language to complement their performance of ABC by The Jackson 5.



Z and G belt it out on stage at Celebration to Greet the Summer.



S enjoyed surprising her teachers with their rewritten lyrics for the song.



The Grade 1-2s and Early Learners take a bow after their performance together.