Week 17: January 9–12, 2018

Posted by Admin on January 21, 2018 at 1:49 PM


With well-rested spirits and many exciting stories, our Grade 1-2s came back to school on Tuesday this week. We did a lot of work this week on writing and evaluating numbers as greater than or less than. Science fair preparations are also in full swing as students work to finalize their hypotheses and formulate a materials list for their experiments. We enjoyed a lot of outdoor play on the snowy rooftop and continued our conversations about energy in CERES class. On Thursday, the Grade 1-2s enjoyed working with the Early Learners on a spatial sense challenge and demonstrated leadership in their ability to identify and orient shapes such as hexagon, trapezoid, and rhombus. We also enjoyed a trip to the Deer Park library during All-School. Friday brought a very interesting mix of weather but that didn't stop us from enjoying time outside and views from our classroom window.



M writes about her winter break during Writer's Workshop and is very focused on making sure that her lower case letters fall below the interline markings in her notebook. 



Students worked in pairs during math class. They each rolled a die, combined the results to make a two digit number (i.e a six and a four could be combined to make 64 or 46), and then worked together with classmates to order their final numbers from greatest to least or from least to greatest.



M and K get strategic with their roll combining efforts based on whether they want to be at the beginning or end of the final number ordering.



G and S decide to enhance their number presentation by depicting their numbers visually, as well as numerically.



Z uses multiple tools to gather snow on the roof. The girls work together to build a hill which transforms into many other things throughout the week.



G discovers that the recent snow doesn't pack together quite as well as she'd like it to for forming shapes and towers.



Z works on creating her materials list for her Linden Science & Technology Fair experiment. She will be watering bean plants with a variety of liquids and testing which grow the tallest.



S and K work together to draw cards, name the 2D shapes pictured on the card, and then combine the identified shapes to fill a series of hexagons. They remark that a hexagon is the best shape to draw because it instantly fills the outline.



G uses the labels at the library to locate her favourite section: the one with non-fiction books about space.



Z and M read together at the Deer Park library.



Limited seating is no issue for G who gets creative by perching on a ledge to read.



The Grade 1-2s sort their spelling words from the Words Their Way spelling program and then write them down in their sound groupings before writing their weekly post-test.



S enjoys flying her handmade kite in the rain. Rain isn't a deterrent for her because she even waterproofed it!



K, G, and K huddle together under a shared umbrella to stay dry.



G is overjoyed when the rain turns to snow in the afternoon and marvels at the size of the flakes.



M and Z have both challenged themselves to write original chapter books when they are given time for free writing in Writer's Workshop. It is going to be a big project!