Week 19: January 22–26, 2018

Posted by on January 30, 2018 at 7:16 PM


The science fair investigations are in full swing in the Grade 1-2 classroom this week. Seeds have been planted, catapults have been built, foods are molding, marbles are running, cats are being pet, and all students are working hard on writing about all the different components of the scientific method. We are counting down to when we can welcome families in to check out this terrific experiments! In CERES, the girls have continued investigating and measuring sound energy. With the pentominos activity last week, the Grade 1-2s have been inspired to continue testing different configurations of pentominos to fill 6 x 10, 4 x 15, and 5 x 12 frames. They have been demonstrating tremendous resilience and perseverance with this task and have asked for time to work on them again and again throughout the week. On Wednesday, we had our first workshop with Ryan Neepin, one of two Indigenous educators who are working at Linden for the remainder of the year. The girls had the opportunity to talk about the origins of their names and to learn about the significance of mukluks in Ryan's family. On Thursday, we enjoyed a very cozy pyjama day as a part of an All-School fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital's oncology program, which was organized by a grade 8 student. Finally, we wrapped up our week with a collaborative drama activity on Friday afternoon in which students dramatized a familiar picture book. 



Z plants her pea seeds in pots for her science fair. She is testing how different liquids help or hinder the growth of her seeds. So far, dish soap isn't helping much!



G drills a hole in the arm of her catapult so that it can rotate on a wooden skewer. She cannot wait to start testing her projectiles!



M planned and built a sound maker and then used a sound meter to test how loud it was. She attached an old CD to a bamboo post and then attached a paper clip to try and increase the noise level.



The girls are expert cookie dough rollers during Tuesday's Cooking Club.



Ellen works on French vocabulary with the Grade 1-2s and Early Learners who are adding action to the verb 'tourner'.



The pentomino enthusiasts sped through their morning word sort so that they would have time to tackle more spatial sense challenges.



With just a few hints to start off, M fits all the pentominos from her set perfectly into a 5 x 12 grid. She is feeling very proud!



K is also feeling very proud to have filled her 6 x 10 grid successfully.



Z tries hard to match Beth's voice tone in CERES class as they investigate and measure sound energy.



G and K attempt to understand the inverse relationship between the water level and the sound. A lower water level makes a higher sound, which turns out to be a tricky concept for many students in the class.



G is pleased to have finished construction of her catapult. She is testing how the mass of a projectile affects how far it travels.



M enjoys reading from her new Owl Diaries chapter book. When she encounters a word she doesn't understand while reading at home, she is practicing marking it with a sticky note in order to seek clarification on its meaning at school.



Pyjama Day has us all feeling a little sleepy.



The Grade 1-2s decide to use Writer's Workshop to write about why they love pyjama day. One of the top reasons was that you don't have to get changed for bed when you get home that night!



G affectionately wraps an arm around K during the Sick Kids All-School.



M is testing how different materials reduce or increase friction by creating marble runs from foam, plastic, wood, metal, and cardboard.



K gets a closer look with a magnifying glass as she records her daily observations of mold growth in her experiment.



Z proudly shows Ellen how some of her pea plants have started sprouting.



M and K work with P to plan the dramatization of a familiar Splat the Cat reader. They find fair ways to decide on roles and are sure to add humour to their portrayal of Splat's efforts to build a snow person.