Week 14: December 4–8, 2017

Posted by Admin on December 12, 2017 at 7:50 PM


This week, we celebrated M's birthday in the class with an origami-making period. The students enjoyed following steps to create increasingly intricate figures and some even attached them to paper to create scenes. In art, students worked on a winter moon watercolour. As mathematicians, the Grade 1-2s strengthened their skills in addition and skip counting. They have been enjoying applying these skills as they count down to the winter break! We were excited to have our first few snowflakes falling from the sky and many students discovered the joy of skip-its on the roof during recess. CERES classes focused on robots and binary code, and students came home with their own binary code name bracelets. On Friday, we wrapped up the week with a trip to the library during which students were able to check out books to read over the holidays. We also enjoyed a shared centres period with the Early Learners. We're looking forward to celebrating the end of the year at Festival of Lights on December 20th!



Z has been challenging herself to skip for longer and longer at recess. She enjoys being timed and is practicing counting her skips out loud while skipping. 



Z, M, and S work with watercolours to create winter moon scenes and spring landscapes.



M enjoys painting watercolour hearts when she is finished her winter scene.



 M is very proud to be turning seven. She asks for a special photo to commemorate her birthday this year. 


Z and M work on adding keys to their origami pianos during M's birthday celebration. 



Origami takes a lot of patience and care. The Grade 1-2s offer to help each other execute different steps and offer encouraging words when things get tricky.



G and Z show off their origami fox puppets. They even opted to add eyes and whiskers to their puppets.



M uses the name cards from the Word Wall to colour in individual stars on a square of origami paper that will eventually spell G's name.



M, S, and Z work together to paint a homemade spiced olive oil on pita chips in Cooking Club.



M and K play the helicopter game together on the roof during recess. 



In CERES, the Grade 1-2s learned that computers don't know things on their own and need to follow commands. Students worked together to tape a pathway on the floor and then took turns being the "robot" and following very specific commands.



K uses the binary code guide to make a bracelet with the first letter of her name.



When G was given the Writer's Workshop prompt of making a wish for someone else, she connected to her learning from our student pen-pals in Pangnirtung and wished for "a playground for the kids while the parents are at work. The playground would help the big girls hangout with their friends." Students in Pangnirtung had identified a lack of community resources for youth and how it presents a challenge for them socially.



M enjoys writing on our new Buddha Board during breaks. She tells me that she has written "love" in Japanese.



K proudly reads to her friends in the morning.



K and M examine snowflakes and enjoy the challenge of trying to catch the largest one. 



 Z completes her mindmap of all the important relationships in her community.



 M expresses feeling very lucky that she has so many people close to her that not all of them fit on her paper!



Z checks out different books at the library and enjoys making recommendations to friends of books she thinks they'd enjoy.



M and S read together during our library visit on Friday.



M reads a new chapter book at the library and enjoys pondering what might have been happening in 1985 to people in her family when the date is mentioned in the book.



G is very excited to learn about space and she loves the substantial collection of space books at our local library.



G and K enjoy exploring water at the Nature Centre during our shared centres period.



K and G explore Savannah's new bingo game during our shared centres period. They enjoy using the numbers and letters to correctly position the bingo balls.



M and S have made themselves unicorn crowns and they pose proudly for a photo.



This unicorn enjoys using the word wall to help spell unfamiliar words in Writer's Workshop. She is responding to the prompt asking "What makes you feel brave?" and is writing about how much it means to her when her mom cheers her on.



M asks Soteira to skip doubles with her at recess. Skipping is great exercise and with a friend, there's lots to think about to help keep your movements coordinated!