Week 15: December 11–15, 2017

Posted by Admin on December 18, 2017 at 8:15 PM


As we barrel toward the holidays, we finally got to enjoy a serious snowfall this week! The Grade 1-2s found all sorts of creative ways to build with snow on the roof, including the construction of a bunny den. Many of the students worked to increase their skip counting abilities in math class and were able to extend increasingly difficult sequences as a result. During CERES class, students experimented with the Paint program and learned how to write their names in binary code. They were then able to stun older students during our All-School period which celebrated Ada Lovelace by proclaiming "I know binary!" as they solved a binary puzzle. We continued to get ideas for acts of kindness from our Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown Calendar and students made plans to conduct some of these good deeds both inside and outside of school. During a shared centres period, there was some holiday building happening as well as learning at the Discovery Centre and Art Centre. We also invited the Early Learners to join us for a special drama class which led to some very funny skits. We wrapped up the week with a visit to the Deer Park library for holiday stories as well as to submit our entries for the Toronto Public Library's Design Your Own Bookmark contest. We are working hard to practice our land acknowledgement for Linden's Annual Festival of Lights next week and we look forward to presenting it to the whole Linden community next Wednesday!



M and S are very excited about the first big snowfall and enjoy playing as cats in the snow together.



K works with her friends to gather snow for a structure, which evolves from a snow pile, to a snow volcano, to a bunny home, and then finally into a diving board.



G works attentively to write her name in binary code on a binary necklace during CERES class.



G uses her fingers to count on as she completes atypical skip counting patterns. She has really gotten the hang of starting with a fist to avoid counting the first number.



The Early Learners and Grade 1-2s know how to stay warm on a cold winter day: work! They use buckets to gather snow from all over the roof to build their structure.



Safety is very important at all times in the CERES lab. G takes no chances by wearing safety goggles to work on the laptops.



M is proud to have found so many ways to use different design features in Paint during CERES class.



Z works on personalizing her Paint design during CERES class.



S uses wooden ramps and wheels to create a rollercoaster during a shared centres period in the Early Learning classroom.



Sisters don't always have the easiest time sharing space but it's no problem for P and G as they work together to create a marble run.



M enjoys using different types of wooden materials to construct her part of the winter village during our shared centres time.



Z opens one of the days on our Acts of Kindness Holiday Countdown Calendar and uncovers the challenge of "Offering a seat on the TTC". All the acts of kindness in the calendar were generated by the Grade 1-2s and Early Learners.



K enjoys being turned into a robot by members of her Linden family during our All-School to celebrate the lift and accomplishments of Ada Lovelace.



Z practices reading her Linden family's name in binary during our Ada Lovelace all-school.



G felt lucky to be invited into the Early Learning classroom to cut out a few gingerbread cookies.



The Grade 1-2s created dozens of beautiful paper snowflakes in art class and they now adorn our classroom ceiling.



K and G enjoy dancing together during a transition period between Music/French and HPE classes.



Z and M laugh as they get tangled up while spinning each other and dancing in the classroom.



The Grade 1-2s enjoy some holiday stories at the Deer Park library read by our local librarian, Sue.



Z teaches P a new hand game as part of their skit during a shared drama class. P played a snowperson who magically came to life.



K, S, and A make a plan for their holiday skit where they are elves on a deadline, trying to make toys as quickly as possible.



G enjoys playing at a water centre during a shared centres period with the Early Learners.