The Linden Institute

The Linden Institute

The mission of the Linden Institute is to provide a forum to engage the Linden School and the broader community in discussions that relate to girls education. As leading experts, we aim to exchange knowledge and share best practices as they relate to the academic success and positive psycho-social development of girls and young women.

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Partnership with Renee Jackson

Linden’s partnership continues with Renee Jackson, assistant professor at Temple University's Tyler School of Art. Renee has collaborated with Linden girls on Arcade Our Way, a game-design based learning project where a multi-tiered, all female team, consisting of grade seven students, undergrads, and doctoral level/professionals, are working together to create a counter-narrative game about alternative leadership models. Read about her work and talk at Linden here.

Renee also worked for Decode Global, a start-up company that developed such games and provides international opportunities for humanitarian technologists. Learn more about her exciting work on girls, technology, and gaming skills: Technoculture, Arts and Games Lab.


Featured Topics

    Sharpen your media literacy skills! Find out how the media influences your child from an early age, and what you should do about it.
    How much screen time should young children have? How do you negotiate this? What types of digital technology support brain development and education?

    How do we maintain a balance between sharing and oversharing on social media? How do we construct our children’s online lives in ways that are safe and supportive?

Featured Speakers

    Meet Tara, our Co-Principal who specializes in Women & Gender Studies. Tara is passionate about promoting self-esteem and confidence in young women.
    Meet Dr. Mishna, Dean, and Professor, at the Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. Dr. Mishna has conducted extensive research on cyber abuse/cyber bullying and cyber counselling; and school-based interventions for students with learning disabilities.
    Meet Beth, our Primary and Junior School teacher who specializes in science, math, and media literacy. Beth loves helping students solve mysteries and find creative solutions to problems.
    Meet Alana, our Head of Pedagogy, who is skilled at coaching teachers and designing innovative curriculum. Alana is fascinated by online lives and dedicated to creating safe and supportive environments for children.


Other Initiatives and Partnerships

Social Justice Data Fair

What’s the research behind our annual Social Justice Data Fair? Here is an article co-written by Linden teachers Beth Alexander and Michelle Munk which explains its value in an educational context.

Civics at Linden

The approach to teaching Civics at Linden is informed by a desire to create actively engaged citizens who know they have the capacity to make positive change. Read about a conference recently attended by one of the Linden faculty.

Linden’s approach to teaching is distinguished by creating a truly inclusive and equitable learning environment for students. Learn more about it here.