May 25th: Deadline to submit gift cards for Gift Card Grab!

At the Annual Art Show (May 30, 6-8:30 pm), the Linden Parent Committee will be helping to raise funds in support of Linden’s art program. 

The gift card grab is back!  Linden families were so generous in donating  gift cards and participating in the Gift Card grab at last year’s 4 Storeys Up fundraising event, we’ve brought it back. 

We are asking all Linden families to support the Gift Card Grab project by donating at least one gift card worth $10 (or more).

Those attending the Art  Show will be invited to pay $10 for a chance to select a gift card of at least $10 but potentially worth $15, $25 or more! So there will be no risk and an opportunity to get a better return on the “investment".

As an incentive, there will be two prizes offered:  one for the grade with the best participation rate and one for the grade that raises the highest dollar value in gift cards. Each winning grade will get a grade’s worth of freezies to share during one of their classes the last week of school, so let’s all help our grade win!

Please consider donating one or more gift cards and place it (or them) in an envelope marked “Linden Parent Committee - Gift Card Grab” and your child’s name and grade on it no later than Wednesday, May 25th.  Envelopes can be left at the front desk.

Thank you in advance for your help with this effort.

May 25, 2016 at 8am – 4pm
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