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The Importance of Engaging Girls in STEM Fields

At Linden we know that engaging girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) from an early age directly influences their choice of post-secondary education and career paths. Girls who have confidence in their abilities in these fields are more likely to perform well in elective math and science courses. Improving girls’ belief in their abilities is therefore essential as they move from elementary school into middle and high school. We do this by encouraging girls to actively engage in their own learning and integrate their personal learning styles into classroom activities. Girls are more engaged when taught math and science concepts in the context of real world phenomena, using real materials to make connections between mathematic and scientific theory, technology, and their everyday lives. By seeing themselves as scientists in their own right, and each other as fellow teachers, our girls are eager to take on leadership roles while making and sharing discoveries through presentations, laboratory work, and debates. Math games further motivate our students and are used to reinforce concepts, develop quick recall of facts, and provide targeted practice. This is why even our youngest students conduct experiments in our science lab, participate in math fairs, and learn basic computer programming. As a result, nearly every Linden student who proceeds to our senior school chooses more than the required number of courses in math and science, making them more than well-equipped to pursue a wide range of STEM fields at university and beyond.

November 10, 2015 at 4pm – 5:45pm
The Linden School - Gym
Beth Alexander · · 416-966-4406

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