Annual Giving Appeal 2016

Annual Giving Appeal 2016

GillianGardhouse_A.jpgWHY YOUR GIFT MATTERS

“When I started my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Rotman School of Management over two years ago I was excited to get back in the classroom. My love of learning is in no small part due to six deeply engaging years spent at Linden where I began to develop the skills that have served me well both academically and professionally. Whether it’s collaborating with diverse teams of classmates, critically evaluating a multi-dimensional problem, or presenting an analysis to a large group, I know I have what it takes to find new insights and create value in any situation. In true Linden spirit of embracing new opportunities and developing well-rounded citizens, I have continued to work full time as a senior analyst in the operations strategy group at a natural resources company, and maintain my personal and extracurricular obligations while completing my part-time MBA. I guess when you learn to balance multiple commitments from an informative age nothing seems impossible! Linden taught me to take ownership of my choices and my life, and it’s with this sense of agency that I optimistically leap out of bed each day.”

— Gillian Gardhouse, P.Eng., Linden Graduate, Class of 2004, and MBA Candidate, Class of 2017


Dear Linden Families, Friends, and Alumnae,

Linden’s unique program, and its emphasis on STEM, athletics, art, and drama has proven to be a winning combination for our daughters. We have found Linden teachers to be truly outstanding and skilled at delivering a visionary, cross-disciplinary program that has enriched our daughters both personally and intellectually.

Creativity and confidence building has always been at the heart of Linden’s program, and we know that you will all agree – Linden is where students are encouraged to develop their creative voices, talents, skills and strengths. We want to ensure that all of the special programs students love and treasure, such as art, music, drama, athletics, technology, and more, continue to inspire them every single day.

On behalf of The Linden School, we are writing to ask for your donation to support our goal of raising $40,000 to enhance Linden’s special offerings.

Your contribution to the annual giving appeal can make a real difference in enhancing the educational experience of Linden students. Please scroll below to see examples of how your donation can support Linden’s innovative programs. By making your tax-deductible donation by December 31, 2016, your investment will directly impact Linden’s program as early as spring 2017.

We invite you to join us in supporting this year’s annual giving appeal. This year, we’d love to improve on last year’s participation rate of 40%. No gift is too small, and we encourage you to choose the gift level that best suits your family. With your help, we will achieve our goal of raising $40,000. You can choose to donate online by clicking the button below, or you can send a cheque, made payable to The Linden School.

Donate Now

Thank you for your support.


Zenab Pathan
Proud Parent of Zakiyah in Grade 3

George Thomson
Proud Parent of Alumnae Emma and Chloe

P.S. Make your donation by December 31st to receive a 2016 receipt for income tax purposes. If your workplace has a United Way Campaign, you can designate your gift to The Linden School. Or double your donation through your employer’s matching gift program.

Annual Giving Appeal FAQs

Q: What is Annual Giving?
A: Linden’s Annual Giving Fund enriches our educational offerings and goes directly into classrooms to benefit every student. The Annual Giving Campaign is our top fundraising priority and the primary fundraiser sponsored by the school this year.

Q: What Kind of Resources Does Annual Giving Support? *
A: Your generosity through Annual Giving will help fund:

New Music & Drama Resources
Outdoor musical instruments ($5,000)
Discovery Through the Arts Program ($10,000 - $20,000)
Three talented, professional musicians who focus on vocals, instruments and developing mixed-age ensembles in various styles lead this enriched music program, which is offered every Wednesday.  These musicians studied under Discovery Through the Arts Founder, Madoka Murata. Thanks to this program, a number of students who don't otherwise take music are discovering their musical talents, alongside others who are also taking other music lessons at Linden. 

New Art Resources
Silkscreen, printmaking, and painting equipment ($600)
Art drying rack ($300)
Set of 16 stools ($80 each)

New Technology
New computers for computer lab ($1,400 each)
Extra classroom laptops for student use ($1,000 each)
Lego mindstorm robots ($500 each)

New Sports Equipment
Playground climbing equipment ($10,000)
Basketball net & backboard for the gym ($400)
Set of basketball uniforms for the junior team ($2,000)
Stationary bike—for students who are injured ($500)
Set of 12 pairs of shin guards ($300)
Child-size hockey helmets with cages ($50 each)

Bursary Program
Our mission emphasizes inclusivity and diversity, through which we can celebrate a greater breadth of cultures and backgrounds. More girls and young women should benefit from a Linden education regardless of their financial circumstances (amount varies according to individual need).

Guest Speakers
Our program always seeks new and exciting ways to engage students. Experts in the field and special workshops help expand and enrich our curriculum ($1,200 each).

Faculty Professional Development
Linden continues to be a leader in feminist pedagogy. Faculty participation in workshops and conferences bring advances in teaching practices and innovative curriculum directly to the classroom ($1,500 each).

Q: Who Contributes to Annual Giving?
A: Linden families contribute the most to the Annual Giving Fund, followed by grandparents, alumnae, and friends.

Q: How Often Will I Be Contacted To Donate To The School?
A: Only during the Annual Giving drive, which lasts November – January.

Q. How are Donors Acknowledged?
A: All donors will receive a thank you card and a tax receipt. The names of all donors may be included in our newsletter or website unless you indicate to us that you wish to remain anonymous. We will not publish donation amounts, only donors’ names.

Q: Doesn’t My Tuition Payment Pay for What’s Covered by Annual Giving?
A: No, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a Linden student. As with most independent schools, fundraising is necessary to cover all the costs of delivering and improving on Linden’s program.

More Questions?
For more information about our Annual Giving Campaign, please email

* Gifts made through annual giving are unrestricted and enable Linden to decide how best to meet areas of greatest need across the school.